Tips to find Right Skin Moisturizer

Moisturizers helps to prevent and treat dry skin. It can protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections. There are wide range of moisturizers available in market Coal glow is one of them which gives very effective result. It usually contain Argireline & Vitamin C which helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Moisturizer are useful to all type of skins, but they usually vary on several factors. Choose a moisturizer containing a natural ingredients that gives desired qualities of your skin type and prevent undesired entities. Although skin changes with age, weather, sun exposure etc.

Coal Glow

Different aspects related to skin

A moisturizer depends on many factors, including your skin type, your age and whether in a specific conditions such as acne.

Normal skin type – It is neither too dry nor too oily. For maintaining this natural moisture balance always use a water based moisturizer that has a light, non-greasy feel.It often contain lightweight oils.

Dry Skin type – To restore moisture to a dry skin, choose a heavier, oil based moisturizer that contains ingredients that keep your skin hydrated. This type of skin petrolatum-based products are preferable. Because they have the more power than creams.

Oily skin type – Oily skin is prone to acne and breakouts. A light moisturizer can also help protect your skin after washing. Choose coal glow moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

Sensitive skin type – Delicate skin is helpless to skin disturbances, redness, tingling or rashes. Search for a lotion that contains relieving fixings, for example, chamomile or aloe, and doesn’t contain potential allergens, for example, aromas or colors.

Mature skin type – As you age, your skin has a tendency to wind up distinctly. To keep your skin delicate and very much hydrated, pick an oil-based cream that contains natural ingredients.

Coal Glow contains natural ingredients which result into beautiful and healthy skin. Its products are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices.